Honor Guard

When a Veteran passes and the family wants to honor the deceased with the Honor Guard ceremony, the funeral home verifies the Veteran has an honorable discharge by asking for the DD214 form, which is given to Veterans upon discharge from the service. Once this form is obtained, Williams-Napier Post 40 is contacted about the time, location, and date of the last rites. The ceremony consists of firing the rifles, playing taps and folding the flag, and presenting the flag to the next of kin. The family can request any of the three phases or all three. 

Being a part of the Honor Guard ceremony is a tremendous honor to the Veteran who faithfully served the United States of America.


To provide dignified, honorable, and worthy memorial services for all former military service members. Military discharges must have been under honorable conditions.

Note: Membership in the American Legion is not required for military funeral honors.

Post 40’s Honor Guard provides such services for cemeteries, churches, funeral homes, and public or private facilities all across North Georgia.

The “Final Salute” consists of a military rifle volley, playing of “TAPS”, flag folding, and presentation to next of kin.

Honor Guard services are free. However, we accept donations that help us carry out our important mission to provide final honors to those who served our beloved country.

Requests for such honors should be made as soon as possible and directed to the appropriate Funeral Director who will provide the appropriate U.S. Flag. Funeral Directors also coordinate Post 40 Honor Guard schedule.

Note: Funeral Directors require a copy of the deceased’s Military DD-214.

The Honor Guard also participates in all of our local annual events including the Ringgold Down Home Christmas Parade, 1890 Days Jamboree, Veteran’s Day ceremony, Flag Day, and Presentation of Colors at civic events.


Thanks to the support of generous donors like you, The American Legion can continue to provide much-needed assistance to our fellow veterans, service members and their families.