Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

“To help veterans maintain and understand benefit claims”

VETERANS AFFAIRS — The Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Commission is a cornerstone of The American Legion. It focuses on a primary reason for the founding of the organization. VA&R activities include overseeing federally mandated programs provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for veterans and their dependents. VA&R Services include assistance with medical care, claims and appeals, insurance programs, burial benefits, and veterans’ employment. The VA&R staff also maintains liaisons with administrators of state veterans affairs programs. Other efforts of VA&R are geared toward maintaining and improving veterans benefits by working with congressional committees, the executive branch of the federal government, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and other federal agencies.

G.I. LIFE INSURANCE — The American Legion’s Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Division represents ex-service people and their beneficiaries in presenting and reviewing claims for G.I. life insurance provided through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Five Legion staff members assigned to VA Insurance Centers in Philadelphia and St. Paul, Minn., help veterans and their families with government insurance matters. The American Legion is the only veterans’ service organization with staff representatives assigned to VA insurance centers. These representatives assist all veterans with their claims, Legionnaires and non-members alike.

REHABILITATION — Volunteers from The American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary, and the Sons of The American Legion have brought cheer and comfort to hospitalized veterans over the years. Legion volunteers give more than one million hours of service to disabled veterans annually. Field Representatives from The American Legion’s Washington office make systematic site visits to evaluate the Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers, nursing home care units and outpatient clinics. The Field Representatives report resource needs and areas for improvement to the VA Central Office. The American Legion also has a network of Service Officers located in each of the Department of Veterans Affairs regional offices throughout the nation, including Puerto Rico and the Philippines. Twice a year, special training schools for the Department Service Officers are offered in Washington, D.C. and Indianapolis. The schools help the officers perfect the manner in which they present veterans’ claims before the VA.

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Thanks to the support of generous donors like you, The American Legion can continue to provide much-needed assistance to our fellow veterans, service members and their families.