Children & Youth

“To help all children realize their full potential”

  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • Immunization
  • Family Integrity
  • Media Violence
  • Drug Abuse
  • Child Sexual Exploitation

CHILDREN AND YOUTH PROGRAMS — In the 1995-96 reporting year, American Legion Posts spent more than $5.1 million on programs to help America’s young, including teenage suicide and drug abuse prevention, missing children, and many others. Also, Posts around the country volunteered to assist local immunization services as part of The American Legion’s Child Immunization program.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE — In the 1920s The American Legion began a national program of Temporary Financial Assistance to keep the children of deceased or disabled veterans at home rather than in institutions. This cash aid is still available for cases not covered by subsequent state and federal programs for the needy. In 1995, the TFA program provided more than $327,089 to 652 families, benefiting almost 1,432 children.

CHILD WELFARE FOUNDATION — The American Legion established the Child Welfare Foundation in 1954 as a separate corporation to fund efforts that dealt with problems affecting children. The only source of income for the Foundation comes from contributions by individual members of the Legion family, which includes the Legion, the Auxiliary, the Eight and Forty, and the Sons of The American Legion. Last year, grants totaling nearly $300,000 were awarded to 14 not-for-profit programs that benefit children.


Thanks to the support of generous donors like you, The American Legion can continue to provide much-needed assistance to our fellow veterans, service members and their families.