“To deal with economic issues that affect all veterans”

JOBS — At the national level, The American Legion’s National Economic Commission monitors economic legislation and regulations that affect veterans’ preference in federal employment. The Commission was established to ensure that veterans have the opportunity to provide for their economic necessities and those of their dependents. As part of their program to provide access to jobs, The American Legion also offers links to various Veterans Employment Resources.

VETERANS PREFERENCE — Certain veterans who have served during a period of conflict or who are disabled or both are entitled to extra consideration when applying for a Federal job for which they are qualified. Veterans seeking Federal jobs can now determine whether they are eligible for Veterans Preference by visiting the Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service website.

OTHER ISSUES — The National Economic Commission also sponsors various Award Programs, including some that recognize employers for the employment of veterans, disabled, and older workers. Other awards recognize outstanding members of the job service around the country. Citations of Appreciation are available for individuals and programs that have contributed to the economic well-being of America’s veterans. In addition, the Economic Division offers many other programs to assist veterans, including the VA Home-Loan Guarantees and assistance from the Small Business Administration.


Thanks to the support of generous donors like you, The American Legion can continue to provide much-needed assistance to our fellow veterans, service members and their families.